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Convert PowerPoint 2010 Presentations to Video, More Than WMV

Monday, August 25, 2014 | 3:10 am

1. Go to your PowerPoint 2010 presentation. Click File > Share > Create a Video (under File Types).

2. Customize the video settings as necessary. For example, select a proper video resolution according to your terminal device, choose to or not to use recorded narration and timing, etc. Then click the Create Video icon.

3. A Save As interface appears. You should see file extension of the original PowerPoint presentation has changed from *.pptx to *. wmv. Click Save.

4. A green process bar is displayed below the current slide to show you a real-time conversion of your PowerPoint presentation.

5. When finished, you can find the PowerPoint-made video in the pre-set location.

However, every coin has two sides. Though with nearly-perfect new features, PowerPoint 2010 has a long way to go.

Limitations of Converting to Video Feature in PowerPoint 2010:

  • I. Only supports one video output format – WMV. Cannot create other video formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, etc.
  • II. The maximum size for output video is limited to 960*720. HD WMV file sizes such as 1280*720, 1440*1080 and 1920*1080 are NOT available.
  • So what is necessary if you want to turn a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to WMV of higher quality or to convert it to other video file formats like MPEG and AVI? A dedicated third-party software tool like Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

    Moyea PPT to Video Converter enables you to

  • Convert PowerPoint 2010 presentation to 100+ video file formats, including ASF, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, 3G2, VOB, TS, DV, WMV, RMVB, etc.
  • Select HD video sizes like 1280*720, 1440*1080 and 1920*1080
  • Customize video parameters with Profile feature to make it best
  • And by converting PowerPoint 2010 presentation to video with such PPT to Video converter, you benefit a million:

  • - You can watch your video presentation on any computer, even a Mac, without PowerPoint.
  • - You don’t need to worry about dynamic components, e.g., animations, transitions, sounds, narrations, movie clips, flash, embedded in PowerPoint. They can be retained in output video.
  • - You can find it easier to post your PowerPoint content on video hosting sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, etc.
  • - You can hook your PowerPoint presentation to portables like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox, and more
  • - No email hassle of big PowerPoint files comes to you after finalized in video.

  • About the Author: Jane likes Moyea Software very much.

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    IT Technical Support services

    Sunday, August 24, 2014 | 6:53 pm

    The support services which have a range of technical services with the technology products such as cell phones, computer systems, television, software products and other electronic gadgets are called IT technical support services. These days the trend of IT Infrastructure Services is also prevailing at a very high rate in the IT sector.

    Most organizations provide technical support for the products and services they are selling. They offer it either for free of cost or for a specific fee. These services can be delivered by telephone or online by e-mails and some web tools are also used in this.

    There are many types of IT technical support services are being provided by the companies. Monitoring services, Server Support , helpdesk services etc are the major parts of it. There are three main technical supports like break-fix IT support where a customer pays for the support on hardwares like memory, hard drive, computer, laptop etc. and also pay the engineers also. Block hours is also a part of support in which some hours are purchased at an hourly rate and used per month or year. Most of the companies are providing managed services in which a set of predefined services are offered such as helpdesk services, monitoring services, onsite support and remote support etc. Project management and vendor management are also provided as additional services by some companies.

    In the present era with the booming in the IT industry companies are outsourcing their technical support services. With this they are able to focus on their core business processes and their employees can concentrate to their skills to help the organization to reduce its operational costs up to a great extent. With the result of this the productivity of the employees and the customer satisfaction also increases. Companies are using multi-tiered technical support so that the issues can be handled at the best levels accordingly. Remote PC repair is also a way companies are offering their support from a remote location by troubleshoot the issues and give a documented solution to its clients.

    Now days organizations are using IT technical services which are provided by other companies of they put their own delivery centers at some other location or inbuilt. These services now have become an important part of enterprises to enhance their productivity as well as reduce their operational costs to increase revenue.

    About the Author: Khalid Kamal is the Digital BDA for ProVal Technologies. It provides reliable, secure and cost effective, 24

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    Why It’s Vital To Treat Your Clientele The Right Way

    Sunday, August 24, 2014 | 4:19 pm

    Have you ever received customer service that was so bad it almost bordered on abuse? You know the kind of treatments some low-paid, uncaring, overworked, and unappreciative company reps mete out to the client: the eye rolling, the shortness on the phone, the deep sigh of the employee when the client needs something to be explained again and again, the chip on the shoulder, and the downright rude comment that “that” (whatever “that” is) does not fall within the rep’s job description.

    Being good to your clients will ensure that they will stick around; in a day and age where the Internet provides competition – either by virtue of doing many tasks virtually; or by enabling vendors and service providers from across the globe to connect with eager clients from all over the world – that has already forced many companies out of business, you have to be wise when it comes to client treatment. You need to understand that without your employees and your clients, you would be unable to sit in your office and keep on the lights or pay for the water bill. Thus, even the most callous customer service phobic will acknowledge the need to be good to your clients.

    Doing so is actually easier than you think! For example, your service needs to be easily accessible. Make sure your phone system is up and working, have enough people to answer the telephone, and ensure that in case of messages being left, someone from your company will return the call within 24 hours. Excessive hold times and missed call backs are a first rate complaint that has sent many a potential client seeking out the competition.

    Additionally, make sure that your prices are in keeping with the national average. Do not raise rates while failing to raise customer service levels. While rate increases are necessary at times, expecting your clients to stick around if they do not receive added benefits is unrealistic. Soon you will find that they will go elsewhere. Interestingly, most people do not mind paying more for a service, if they perceive that they are receiving more for their money. Failure to provide more for the requested price increase is the great gift that many television cable companies have given to satellite television providers who time and again made the cable companies the butts of their commercials and jokes.

    Being good to your clientele means keeping your word: if you promise a certain level of customer service, a specific benefit, or simply an in-home appointment to take place between the hours of 8 and 12, make sure you deliver! A client will forgive a call asking to reschedule or expression serious regret at a specific benefit no longer being available and offering a comparable benefit in exchange, but no-call, no-show companies are notorious for losing clients. Be good to your clients and they will stick around!

    About the Author: Read about hip labral tear, hip reconstruction and other information at the Health And Nutrition Tips website.

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    E-Zines Are A Great Promotional Tool For Your Affiliate Marketing Program

    Sunday, August 24, 2014 | 2:50 pm

    Affiliate marketing is all about promoting the product. But it is not cold or hard selling. The affiliate lures the Internet user to visit his website by offering information and even free online courses. The visitor of the affiliate’s website will find the free information and will even enroll in the free online course. And while reading the informative articles, the visitor will slowly be convinced of the value of certain products.

    And when the visitor realizes the value of certain products, he will most likely click the banner that links to the website of the merchant who manufactures the product or who officially sells the product. The affiliate does not do the direct selling. The affiliate simply sets the mind of the visitor, who is the target client, so that this visitor will be easier to convince to proceed to the purchase or order form of the merchant’s website.

    Thus, for an affiliate marketing business to be successful, the promotional strategies carried out by the affiliate should also be successful. One that will contribute to the success of such promotion is the utilization of e-zines.

    An e-zine is basically a newsletter which is emailed to the subscribers of the e-zine. This newsletter contains the types of information that the subscriber has already expressed a willingness to read about. And when an ad is placed together with such information, the subscriber will be made aware of the presence of the products promoted by the affiliate.

    There are two types of e-zine ads that an affiliate can pay for. The first type is similar to a banner ad. It contains a couple of sentences composed of well-chosen words that will entice the reader to visit the website of the affiliate. An affiliate can easily write such an e-zine ad since he already has promotional materials for the products.

    The second type of e-zine ad is called the solo ad. In such e-zine ad type, the newsletter being mailed to the subscriber contains only the advertisement of the affiliate and nothing more. Usually, such a solo ad is mailed separately from the regular newsletter. For example, if the newsletter is sent every Tuesday of the week, the solo ad is sent on a Thursday or a Friday.

    There is no limit to the number of words placed in a solo ad. But the affiliate must keep in mind that such a solo ad is sent through email. Therefore, the solo ad should not be too long that reading it will take up so much time that the subscriber is not willing to sacrifice. The usually suggested number of words is 500.

    With e-zine ads, the opportunities of earning more increase. And the affiliate moves closer towards that goal of affiliate marketing success.

    About the Author: Find articles about corgi training and cat lifespan at the Knowledge Bin site.

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    Are Automotive Franchise Opportunities A Good Investment?

    Saturday, August 23, 2014 | 11:52 pm

    If you’re interested in getting into automotive franchise opportunities, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically in this article we’ll discuss franchise opportunities as they relate to the automotive industry, how to evaluate which one is right for you, and give you some points to consider. Follow the information in this article, and you’ll make sound business decisions.

    There are several different automotive franchise opportunities — auto parts stores, oil changing services, specialized automotive insurance, and even repair businesses such as windshields or brakes. How do you know which one you should invest in?

    First, there are several things you need to consider. Is your passion for automobiles higher than your passion for profit? You have to analyze how important money is compared to enjoying running your business. Also, if you’re very passionate about the franchise, that means you can work with a long-term strategy, instead of a short-term profit model. Things to consider — most automotive franchise opportunities involve a busy atmosphere, a lot of interaction with other people, and specialized knowledge.

    Second, the range of initial investments for different automotive franchise opportunities is all over the board. Naturally, how much money you are willing to invest has great impact on what kind of franchise opportunities you can get into. For example, if you purchase a franchise as a GPS distributor, you can get into a franchise agreement for under $10,000.

    While the franchise fee for being a GPS distributor may seem low, you should look at the overall picture. Will investing in a low cost franchise help you reach your financial goals, or will you be forced to buy more units, possibly even get back into the corporate world? If you cannot afford to buy a franchise that will allow you to enjoy life outside of working at your location, then you should consider waiting until you have the cash liquidity to do so. I’d rather see a franchisee wait an extra 5 years and open a full service automotive repair shop that profits the franchisee over 100k a year rather then him being out of business by buying into a low cost franchise that promised him the dreams.

    Finally, if you’re going to get into any franchise in the automotive industry, you must analyze the franchise agreement before accepting it. The best thing to do here is to get a franchise lawyer, to make sure your rights are protected and the agreement is reasonable. In the agreement, you’ll learn what franchising fee you’re required to pay, what products you are allowed to sell, where you can locate your store, sometimes even down to the hours required to be open and operated.

    In conclusion, picking the right automotive franchise opportunity comes down to what you want out of the business, where your expertise lies in, and how much money you have to invest and what kind of agreements you can strike. A little research goes a long ways — do the needful to enjoy a good franchise investment.

    About the Author: Learn about tennis scores and tennis scores at the Tennis Rules site.

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    Your computer is plagued by blank screens.

    Saturday, August 23, 2014 | 6:05 am

    Some individuals think that blank screens are ordinary problems. But you should not disregard it because it might lead to complicated computer problems. There are several causes of blank screens. You must first know about the root cause of the problem before you can start to fix it.

    In this article, you will find out about the possible causes of the blank screens and the ways to fix the problem.

    The first possible cause is the windows registry. The registry is the computer’s database repository. Whenever you install new software or uninstall it, the registry is messed up. This will eventually lead to computer crashes and decreased performance. When you use Windows, the size of the registry increases; a very large computer registry will lead to instable and decayed performance. Some users are able to manually edit the registry but this is too time-consuming and you’re also putting the computer at risk. If you doubt your abilities to manually edit it, you should ask the help from an expert computer technician.

    The internet is full of malicious plug ins. There are times when this malicious plug-ins enter the system and are automatically installed. If this frequently happens, the registry is changed and it can lead to blank screens and other problems. Make sure that you have a good anti virus and anti spyware/adware installed in your computer and it should be updated regularly as well.

    PC performance can also be affected if you download many videos, music, and movies. Remove all junk files to free up the space of your computer. The drive C should have a free space of above 20%. You can access drive C on the ‘My Computer’. Identify the important files you need and get rid of the ones you don’t use at all. You can always transfer the music files on your cellular phone, mp3, or mp4. Try to check the memory of your computer. Very low memory can also affect the performance of the pc so if you can get a better memory for your computer, do so.

    You also need to ensure that when you’re deleting files and applications, the un-installation process should be done completely. You see, if you do it incorrectly, it might give the wrong registry information. If the wrong information accumulates in the registry, it can affect the computer’s performance and it can also cause blank screens. If you don’t want this to happen, you should be extra careful when un-installing or deleting files and applications. Even if it may take some time to properly remove junk files and applications, it’s worth the wait. Just stick to the steps in un-installing applications or files.

    There are so many internet users out there who are willing to help others in fixing common computer problems like blank screens. You can check out computer forums and other user friendly websites. Identify the possible cause or causes of the blank screen problems and fix it.

    Since you own a personal computer, you should know how to properly care for it. Having the right knowledge in basic computer repair can be very useful especially if you’re plagued by blank screens. Fixing the problem is just within your fingertips. If you have the guts to fix the problem yourself, try to have adequate info sources and knowledge.

    About the Author:

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    Resize and Optimize Images with an Image Resizer

    Friday, August 22, 2014 | 6:46 pm

    Reshade Image Enlarger is an image resizer which allows users to quickly and easily resize and optimize images. Images can be enlarged yet optimized for the web at the same time. An advanced upscaling process is used to achieve this. To make the image look better, it can literally trick the eye into seeing a higher quality image by taking existing data from the picture and upscaling it using an advanced algorithm to not only preserve, but also improve the quality of the image. Resizing images has never been as easy as it is with this impressive solution. Your images can be given a perfect facelift, making them look better and more suitable for publishing on the Internet or elsewhere. The software is also fast and efficient.

    Using this image resizer will allow the contours in the image to become finer and clearer than you ever imagined. At virtually any zoom level that viewers are likely to use, the images run through this software will look bigger and better. Blurring and other distortion effects can also be removed from images which are run through this solution. Fuzzy images can be improved by a process of refocusing. The finer details of your photos and other images can also be highlighted to preserve and improve existing details. Unwanted photo effects such as noise, artifacts and other defects can also be removed to help create unrivalled results. These unwanted effects can be reduced with subtlety. Images can also be batch processed in no time at all, making the process easier and faster than ever. It only takes a few clicks to process large numbers of images with the settings that you specify.

    Reshade Image Enlarger ( ) does more than most image resizer programs. It not only enlarges photos while maintaining and improving their quality. It also provides unique abilities such as edge sharpening and texture smoothing. These features set this image resizer apart from other solutions, but there is more to it than that. This image resizer is also cheaper than most of the other similar solutions available, yet it also offers those unique features of its own. The improved quality allows for a greater freedom of artistic impression and it also provides far more than just the ability to resize photos. It can also be used as a filter to enhance and transform your images by way of a wide variety of special effects, regardless of whether you want to resize the photo or not.

    Anyone who needs to upscale and improve the appearance of images can find a use for this image resizer. The beauty of this solution is that it is much faster and easier to use than the alternatives. Even if you are a pro at the advanced photo editing programs, it still takes a long time just to modify a single image. Similar effects to those you can achieve manually using conventional photo editing packages can be done far faster with Reshade Image Enlarger. The intuitive interface, the fast preview feature and the ability to batch process large numbers of files make this image resizer a favorite for many users.

    About the Author: Jim Bean uses an image resizer to resize and improve the appearance of images for use with the Internet to help market his real estate company.

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    How do I restore and Address Book on my computer?

    Friday, August 22, 2014 | 12:31 pm

    Recovery Toolbox for Address Book is an intelligent program for restore Address Book with subfolders, this utility quickly parses Windows Address Book files that were damaged for any reason. Usually, the files in question are not considered to be too important and users do not backup the source files of wab format on a regular basis. However, would you like to know how do I restore and Address Book on my computer? Have you ever encountered the damage of wab files and the consequences of this corruption? Very often, it is the only way to get the contact information of your partners because this data is absent in other sources. So, you should try Address Book restore tools to get rid of data corruption and keep on working with your contact list.

    The utility of restore OE Address Book is free to try and you may get it anytime to evaluate your chances for Address Book restoration, it can be done on all computers running Microsoft Windows. Thanks to the small size of wab files, the process of restore damaged Address Book does not take a lot of time, feel free installing the AddressBook restoration program on any PC, regardless its software configuration. If you’d like to know more about how to restore Address Book from file program, submit your questions to the support department of our company. After the evaluation of restore Address Book folder application, you may register Recovery Toolbox for Address Book to remove its limitations. Anyway, there are no restrictions for the evaluation of Address Book file restore program, keep it on your PC for as long as you need.

    Product page:


    Download Link:

    Buy page:

    About the Author: Independent Software Vendor

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    Dell LTO-4 Tape, a Big Hitter in Busy Data Centers

    Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 11:11 pm

    Business enterprises have to storeand organise more comprehensive data about their services, goods, clients along with their levy notes, E-mails and economic facts and numbers over longer time periods. The capacity of data farther rises due to the marvellous development in un-structured facts and numbers for example audio/video documents, merchandise pictures etc. Companies of all dimensions are influenced by this exceptional facts and numbers growth. The dispute for the facts and numbers managers is to effectively organise and maintain these gigantic volumes of facts and numbers and minimize the operational costs.

    LTO (linear tape open) expertise has a verified pathway record and has profited attractiveness due to its openness. Therefore the users can assuredly use the LTO tapes with distinct emblems of tape drives. This entails that the clients of LTO tape expertise have more newspapers flexibility and smaller their storage costs.
    Rapid development of LTO roadmap makes it the perfect tape storage answer for persuading the increasing desires of E-business applications.

    Dell is a premier backup media expert. Dell boasts cost productive and smart storage answers that help the enterprises to simplify the backup procedures, double-check in-time accessibility an boost their productivity.

    Dell LTO-4 tape goods are constructed strong to handle the force of high obligation circuits in convoluted server environments, SMBs, economic associations, high end workstations, public associations and facts and numbers wealthy media applications. Dell’s rigorous checking methods double-check largest grade of durability and media value in each of its products.

    LTO ultrium is a future-proof tape format that presents unmatched presentation, storage capability and media compatibility that competitor tape technologies easily will not achieve.

    A lone LTO4 cartridge can maintain 800GB data. Dell LTO4 presents its users a widespread stage for scalability and enterprise sustainability. Intelligently conceived Dell LTO-4 drives decrease power charges and double-check high pace backup procedures at 120MB/sec (native). Dell has presented mechanical advancements in its LTO-4 ultrium apparatus to empower the clientele to accomplish higher reliability and robust facts and numbers defence unattainable with the former lifetime of LTO ultrium.

    Other dependable strip formats that are well liked in SMB segment are:

    SLR-MLR tape
    SLR100, SLR75, SLR5, SLR7, SLR140

    DDS-5 strip or dat72 tape
    26046172, 200200, DGDAT72WW, CDM72, C8010A

    Travan tape
    TR-5, TR-7, TR-4, TR-3, TR-1

    VXA tape
    11100206, 11100100, 24R2136, 24R2134, 11100103, 11100200

    AIT tape
    sdx3-100c, Q1997A, sdx2-50c, Q1998A, SDX3-100W, Q1999A,

    Dell LTO-4 ultrium expertise is a large-scale hitter in engaged facts and numbers hubs and storage intensive I.T environments. Higher capability Dell LTO-4 tapes supply users the luxury to backup more capacity of enterprise facts and numbers up on less cartridges, which permits more economical and much quicker storage operations.

    As you elaborate your enterprise procedures, the LTO ultrium expertise can extend supplying better worth and aid to maximize the storage efficiency.
    Special in turn around read/write means has been integrated in Dell LTO 4 drives that rises the productivity and protects your former investments.
    Read and record purposes can be presented on both LTO3 & LTO4 tape. Additionally, you can furthermore get the retained facts and numbers pattern LTO-2 tapes with unconditional integrity.

    Dell LTO tape expertise presents your enterprise the industry’s premier and robust facts and numbers security characteristics to double-check seamless future development and regulatory compliance.

    All merchandise and programs titles cited in the item are trademarks and sole property of their owners.

    About the Author: Alisia Dicaprio
    IT Devicesonline
    7172 Regional Street,
    CA United States 94568, United States

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    15 Rules to Switch Your Status from a Good Developer to a Great One

    Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 9:44 am

    Any software development company is used to conduct regular performance reviews to set apart their best working developers and reward them by incentives, increments, or promotions. Whatever may be their theory, ultimately it all comes to what really makes a great developer! Being part of a great Custom Software Development team for several months now, I have been able to figure out 15 things a great developer would do in an outstanding way. Follow them religiously and find a difference in how your company has been treating you till now!

    1.Writing quality code at blinding speeds: This is a super-specialty of great developers. They know what quality code is but their skill in writing it at a dramatically high speed is what makes them a super smart developer. Dealing with any problem that has multiple threads and layers, they know long should it take to fix, not getting caught up in finding the world’s best solution. Their code is just “bug-less“ because they write unit tests for themselves.

    2.Interpreting the problem: A great developer will never approach a solution before understanding it fully. He makes sure to completely define the problem, and instead of keeping everything in the mind, he will scribble the things out in a document or on a whiteboard. No prior to this will he plan to meet his superior, as when he goes to the manager there should be absolutely no scope to make any mistakes or misinterpretations. The depth of his understanding towards the problem will make things move fast into various solutions.

    3.Approaching the problem: A smart developer will not jump in too quickly to write the code once the problem is defined. First, it’s time to analyze various options and think about the best approaches to solve the problem. This includes important considerations like what the outcome needs to be, time on hand, quality expected, tools available etc. Then only, he will start with the code.

    4.Confidence in code: It’s basically a developer’s confidence in code that makes his manager confident about it. A great developer has it to its fullest, and it’s all in the ability. The lesser your manager has to worry about “how” and “when” when it comes to your code, the more closer you get to being a great developer.

    5.Confidence in the solution: Going beyond just a great code, great developers are able to dissect the whole problem perfectly and architect a great solution accordingly.

    6.Keeping focused at the client’s requirements: A great code and the best solution! But, in the end if it doesn’t meet the user’s requirement, it’s a complete failure. A great developer will not miss even a single shot and will keep on hitting the bull’s eye consistently! Requirements are bang on and a great developer knows how to handle this. He will find out exactly what the user wants, offer a great approach, ensure him about weekly builds with no bugs, and continue till the last version is built to the user’s satisfaction.

    7.Being proactive and staying up-to-date: Great developers don’t wait for their managers to come and ask them to upgrade their skills. They do it with whatever stuff they find the best to do it. You don’t need to tell them to take a course or refer a book, as you will find them doing it on their own. They keep informed of the important events related to the field. If they want to go on a conference, they will not hesitate asking the company to pay for the trip. They quite habitually attend the user groups for different software specializations and feed their brains by going to forums and blogs on latest developments.

    Conferences, user groups feed their brains

    8.Staying up to date
    9.Contributes to team
    10.Makes great meeting minutes
    11.Teachable and takes criticism well
    12.Always available when needed
    13.Dress’s professionally every day
    14.Communication ability
    15.Goal setting skill
    16.Organizational Skill

    About the Author: The author is an experienced software application developer having specialized knowledge of the current offshore software development trends and a foresight to judge the consequences of the present-day problems and technical and technological innovations taking place.

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